What is Play with Go?

play-with-go.dev is a series of hands-on, interactive, browser-based guides that introduce the tools required to work with the Go programming language. It is the natural next step after “A Tour of Go” which introduces the language itself. play-with-go.dev covers the various subcommands of the go command, staticcheck and many other tools that will make writing Go programs that much easier and fun!

To get started learning with play-with-go.dev, simply visit https://play-with-go.dev/.

If you are interested in learning more about the project, in particular how to contribute, please see the contribution guidelines.


play-with-go.dev is an experiment designed to test the hypothesis that interactive guides are a more engaging medium for learning when it comes to developer tools. The go command and modules lend themselves very well to this type of guide therefore. We need your feedback and suggestions to help steer play-with-go.dev in the right direction!

play-with-go.dev is very much by the community, for the community. The goal is to build a platform of high quality, reviewed and curated content, with a diverse, inclusive and sustainable model for having people contribute and maintain that content. We want to make it easy for people to contribute and review content, enabled by tooling and continuous integration checks.

About the authors

play-with-go.dev was created by Paul Jolly and Marcos Nils. Guides are built using the popular play-with-docker platform (created by Marcos Nils and Jonathan Leibiusky). Guides are served via https://play-with-go.dev/ and run in a user’s browser, presenting the guide content on the left, and an interactive terminal on the right. This terminal is connected to a remote session hosted in Google’s Cloud.

Potential future enhancements to play-with-go.dev include:

  • integrating Visual Studio Code in the remote session, to enable editing files
  • supporting different language translations of a guide (that all share the same script)
  • supporting multiple scenarios (multiple platforms, different tool versions) of the same guide

If you have any questions, please feel free to raise an issue or contact us directly.

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The play-with-go.dev project exists free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors (details to follow). We are looking to broaden that sponsorship base to meet ongoing hosting costs, but also to start a programme of rewarding contributors and reviewers. If you or your company would like to sponsor the project, please contact us.

Thanks ♡

Thank you to the following individuals for their help in making play-with-go.dev happen: Carmen Andoh, Marcel van Lohuizen, Daniel Martí, Roger Peppe, Bill Kennedy, Jon Calhoun, Cory LaNou, Johnny Boursiquot, Michael VanSickle, Egon Elbre.

The play-with-go.dev splash image was kindly created for the project by Egon Elbre.