Welcome to Play with Go

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An introduction to play-with-go.dev guides

Learn about how to get the most out of play-with-go.dev guides


8 min read.

Get started with Go

You've completed the Go tour, so what next? This guide gives a brief introduction to Go programming


8 min read.

Go fundamentals

Primer on creating and using go modules


56 min read.

Next steps

Using build flags for backwards compatibility

How to leverage go build flags to avoid breaking downstream projects


12 min read.

Working with private modules

How to create, publish and work with non-public modules in your team.


14 min read.

How to use and tweak Staticcheck

Using static analysis to automatically find bugs and performance optimizations.


24 min read.

Developer tools as module dependencies

Ensure all developers use the same version of each developer tool


16 min read.

Installing Go

Ready to take the plunge and install Go on your system?!


6 min read.

New features in Go 1.16

Installing Go programs directly

Simple easy-to-remember way to install Go programs


8 min read.

Retract Module Versions

Learn how to flag modules that shouldn't be used


28 min read.